What Do I Need to Know About Hardwood Flooring?


Lifestyle Choice:
– A broom and dustpan is all that generally needed to keep wood floors looking great.
– Periodic re-finishing and scuff/scratch repair may also be required depending on traffic and usage.
– Wood flooring does not retain dust or pollen so they do not aggravate allergies
– A wet wood floor represents a slip and fall hazard and a hard surface on which to fall
– Pets, excessive water and other forms of heavy wear can damage wood floors

Style Choice:
– Very flexible look that works with many different room designs
– Can offer an elegant or more country feel and nearly every look in between depending on species, stain and width choices
– Re-finishing offers the ability to change the color and appearance of the floor as personal styles and room furnishings evolve
– A natural material in which variations in color and appearance can occur and in some case expansion and contraction of the product due to weather conditions

Investment Decision:
– Wood floors can be a great selling point when putting your home on the market and can increase the perceived value of your home
– In survey of real estate agents, by a margin of 3 to 1 they said that a home with hardwood floors would sell faster than one with carpet.
– A wood floor, because of the durability and many restoration techniques available, is one of the few investments that may last many lifetimes
– Wood floors most often do require a significant up-front investment