Wood We Use for Home Remodeling and Improvement

Types of wood species
There are hardwood and softwood species of trees. Examples of hardwood type of trees are mahogany, holly, elm, walnut, ash, oak, maple. Pine, spruce, cedar, fir, redwood, yew, larch are known as soft wood species. All softwoods and some hardwoods are evergreen trees. Most hardwoods are leave trees.

Difference between woods
Hardwood trees have more complex structure and density compare to softwood ones. Main difference between hardwoods and softwoods is the presence of pores. Softwoods don’t have any pores also known as vessels. Therefore, hardwoods are more durable and resistant to damage from impact. However, the type of construction material made from this wood is more expensive. Most softwood type of trees is softer compare to hardwoods as their names indicate. Normally it is easier to work with most species of softwood because of their softness what makes it easier to cut. On the other hand, very interesting fact not all hardwood type of trees are necessary harder than some softwood type of trees. For instance, such type of hardwoods as balsa is softer than some species of softwoods.

Use of woods
Since hardwoods are more dense, they normally use for producing musical instruments and furniture. Both types of wood are used widely in construction for flooring and boards. Despite the fact that the hardwood materials are more scratch and dents resistant than softwood materials, both of them can work almost the same way. If homeowners give proper and good care to their wood floors and avoid installation of soft wood flooring in very high traffic areas, then no matter whether they will install hardwood or softwood it will last nearly the same time. There are many houses build in the mid 20th century have a yellow pine flooring which is good for refinishing after 60 – 70 years.

With the stain application softwood will imitate the appearance of more expensive options of hardwood flooring. Therefore, hardwoods and softwoods flooring options can look almost the same, but the price will make a big difference for homeowners, especially for those who plan to do their wood flooring project on the budget. In order to reduce the construction project cost, softwoods now can be used for making doors and windows. However, installers might recommend homeowners to buy doors which are made from hardwood species for outdoors projects because they have more resistance to decays than softwoods. In addition, softwoods are used for making paper. Sometimes manufacturers combine hardwoods and softwoods to get certain type of hardness for paper or some other fixtures.

Main considerations
Lumber made of a soft wood species have been using in construction and remodeling industry for centuries because it is less expensive. Cost of hardwood floor will be much higher comparing with softwood flooring option, but hardwood withstands better heavy abuse and will be more suitable for installation in the areas with a high traffic. While using softwood products for outdoor home improvement or in the area with high moisture level, there are additional treatments of wood protection applications require.

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