Reclaimed Pine Flooring: What It Is and Why You Want It

When many people hear the term “reclaimed pine flooring”, a bit of a sneer comes on their face. The word “reclaimed” doesn’t have the most positive of connotations. Many people associate it with “water”, which means it is the opposite of fresh and typically can’t be used for drinking. But as with many words, they can have a negative connotation in one sense and a very positive one in another sense. And when talking about wood, “reclaimed” isn’t a negative at all. In fact, more and more people are regarding it as the premier type of wood to put down for their home’s floors.

In the past, wood was by far the most popular building material in the country. Builders used it to construct just about anything. It was durable, it wasn’t as expensive as many other types of materials, and there was plenty of it around. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case anymore. For a number of reasons, many of the trees that were best used for building materials are no longer that prevalent. Because of this, their price has skyrocketed, putting it quite out of the reach of most average homeowners who might like to use it for their floors. Reclaimed pine flooring gives these homeowners another option. Taken from old buildings and barns-mostly those that were due to be torn down anyway-this old wood can be put to a new use.

Because it offers the homeowner a look and feel that cannot be replicated by any other material or method, reclaimed pine flooring has grown tremendously in popularity. Compared to vinyl flooring or the fake wood look, there really is no comparison. The wood gives the homeowner a satisfying sound when being walked on, and the look is incomparable. But the sensory pleasure of the wood is only one of the reasons people choose to go with this type of material. Others enjoy that their floor comes with a story. You could be walking on wood that came out of an old one-room schoolhouse. Or an old Carolina tobacco barn. There are few better opportunities to imbue a house with an instant sense of rich history.

Reclaimed pine flooring is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive home solution. Check with local builders and contractors to see what kinds of prices they offer so you can make the most informed decision about your purchase. If the idea of having strong old American wood in your home makes you giddy, then this may very well be the best decision you ever made.

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