Wooden Flooring Benefits

When it comes to flooring if you lead a busy lifestyle then you really should consider laminate flooring for a few simple reasons:

It is incredibly hard wearing.
It is cheap to buy.
It can easily be installed by one person in less than a day.
Being made of wood it is a great insulator, and thus nearly always warm on your feet.

It is very easy to clean with a hoover and a mop.
It does not show ingrained dirt in the way that a carpet does.
All of these features mean that is very easy to live with and maintain. You can buy wooden flooring in two forms, either laminate flooring or solid wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring can be very expensive though with prices starting at around A 40 per square metre, and the majority of solid wood flooring still has to be glued together, meaning that damaging just one board can mean replacing the entire floor, as one it is laid down and glued together, then that is it.

Also of note, is that in tests a lot of solid wood flooring does not wear as well as laminated flooring.
Laminated flooring in the main does not actually contain and wood! Bizarre as this seems it is often made up of a photographic image of wooden planking that then has the hard wearing clear laminate fixed on top of it. However, some laminated flooring does have thin pieces of wood in it, but this is rare.

In general it will far outlast carpet in terms of longevity and is ideally suited to high traffic areas such as lounges or hallways, making it an ideal choice for busy family households.
Laminated flooring is now very cheap to buy with prices starting from A�6-8 per square metre, this means that any damage to the floor is cheap to repair, although it could mean taking nearly the whole floor up to replace just one board. But this is now possible due to the recent innovation of click lock wooden flooring, where as with the old “Tap together and glue” flooring you would have had no choice but to completely relay the whole floor.

This decrease in cost in recent years and with the benefits in insulation that it brings means that it is now widely used by property developers, predominantly in flats as due to the nature of the product it cannot be used on stairs easily.

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