Unique Wood Flooring

Much has been said about hardwood floors, and it is really living up to its name in almost all aspects Beauty and strength was the most promising characteristics of any wood flooring. However, the possibilities of an outstanding material do not end there.

Customizing hardwood floors is becoming really popular instead of buying a normal plank or strip in your home and here’s why.

Uniqueness – Since the planks and the wood are customized to your home you are the only one with that set of wood flooring and that just adds the value and the unexplainable beauty in your home.

Beauty – Since the wood floors are cut to complement each side and shade in your home the geometry adds to the natural beauty of the wood. Since the wood floors are customize to your home you can also expect to eradicate the dullness of just straight planks or strip. You can collaborate with your builders about how you would like each room to look like and what ambiance you want it to project. More like planning for the whole house and creating a blue print but this time for the floor only.

Save the trees – You can save precious wood and eventually trees since the wood are custom fit you can maximize every single wood shipped in your home. Normally small planks and strip that are not adjacent are thrown away. This time every single piece of wood can be used to fill out gaps and create intricate patterns in your home.

Durability – The normal installation of the wood is already durable the planks hold each other creating a giant plank. But the geometry of custom wood floors can be designed to make more durable and tougher reducing the common problems that this material poses in time.

Fun activity – If you are a DIY person and you love problem solving then this activity can definitely keep your blood boiling with passion. It is a fun activity with a satisfying result, and the best part is that you can involve your family in the process creating more bonds between you guys.
Those are just some of the benefits of custom hardwood floor and there are many more. If you are tired of a plain straight hallway then this project is perfect for you and gives all the benefits of the material with several other more bonuses along with it.

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